Caphema Miradion is an independent company, active in the field of water and environmental management. We do have wide experience in the environmental field, gathered with working for the national and local governments and private companies. A speciality of the company is the knowledge of water (quality) management. We know the Dutch high profile water sector inside out, from a lot of practical experience which enables us to advice world wide on issues of technical and institutional aspects of water management.

In international projects we work together in different consortia to cover local participation and commitment. We are well informed about the European legislative framework. The aim of the company is to be active in and outside of Europe.


It is possible that we execute all work in the clients office, but mostly a combination of working abroad in combination with working from our home office is preferred and most effective. We cover mostly expert roles and team leader positions in projects.

Our activities cover a wide range of expertise in the environmental and water management. They can be divided in the following categories:
-European legislation
-Environmental management
-Water management
-International knowledge exchange
-Waste management
-Management consultancy

Water Management
Pollution sources are endangering our water resources all over the world. The focus in water management has traditionally been on water supply for drinking water and irrigation, with the sanitation side coming in second place. Today’s water management requires not only management in terms of quantity, but also securing sufficient water quality for the envisaged use of the water.

A worldwide-accepted strategy is to assign different water quality standards for different functions of the water body. Depending on the requirements of its use, water quality goals must be set for the water body as part of regional water management and environmental action plans.

Based on this situation nowadays a more integrated approach is common, demonstrated by Integrated River Basin Management and integrated water resource management