Our construction group is one of the most experienced and respected building and civil construction firms in Africa. For over a century, we have been transforming the ideas and visions of our clients into high-quality projects. We build with the intention of exceeding our clients’ expectations for safety, quality, functionality, and aesthetics, and deliver finished products that stand the test of time.

Building Construction

We provide a comprehensive building service which is delivered through our teams to national and international clients operating across a wide range of markets.

We are a leading supplier of Social Infrastructure for governments and private-sector clients.
Our presence in the education sector is particularly strong. We understand the need for early collaboration with all stakeholders to balance the interests between creating an inspiring learning environment, while maximizing the capital investment.
Our leading Building Information Modeling and offsite manufacturing capabilities enable faster construction and greater standardization of core components - essential to meeting the demands of Governments striving to deliver schools and hospitals faster, better, for less, while ensuring the durability of such heavily utilized facilities over their lifetime.

We are increasingly recognized as the preferred delivery partner for the defense and law and order sectors, with a proven capacity to meet the exacting quality and security specifications demanded by the armed forces and judicial services. Our portfolio ranges from maximum security military communications and intelligence facilities to courthouses, prisons and law enforcement projects. Our track record to date demonstrates our capabilities to manage the construction and commissioning of fully operational and secure facilities, optimizing innovative pre-assembly solutions to overcome complicated security challenges. Whether it is a completely new development, renovation of an existing building or a new fit out contract our team have the expertise to deliver and excel for the client to ensure the contract will be completed on time, on budget and in exceeding the client’s expectations. We like to pride ourselves in understanding our Clients requirements and working closely with them to deliver the contracts with minimal impact on both the environment and the public at large.

The combination of local knowledge and international presence gives us a unique strength and flexibility to offer an integrated capability – including construction, Design and Build, the securing of finance as well as early contract involvement. Our creative approach and ability to deliver a consistently high standard of service underpins the durability of our customer relationships.

Experienced in managing a wide range of projects in the public and private sectors, we have the expertise to deliver all kinds of sustainable construction projects, working with clients, specialists and others to reduce the carbon footprint. We focus on the design and construction of innovative, cost effective and energy saving buildings and are dedicated to delivering projects safely, with minimal impact on communities and the environment.

At every stage of a project our partnering ethos creates a culture of trust and co-operation. We continually strive for excellence through ongoing, open and honest dialogue with partners and responsible management of our supply chain, ensuring we deliver projects on time and to budget, irrespective of size and complexity.

Marine Construction

We have been providing marine construction services to private industry and government agencies since a long time. We have built a name for ourselves, having completed some of the most significant construction and engineering projects in the World.

Our concentration on marine construction has allowed us to develop an expertise that is both respected and envied in our field. It is an expertise that guarantees our customers the most effective, most thorough job possible.

At General Construction Company, we believe in providing not just construction services, but solutions. The challenges of marine construction inspire us to continually improve upon these solutions and to complete our projects in ways that exceed our customers' expectations.

Industrial Construction

Change to an organization, whether it involves new construction, renovation or consolidation, has an impact. When we undertake a project, our goal is to make the process as smooth and seamless as possible. General Construction Company focuses on cost and schedule management – keeping dates firm and forecasts accurate.

We pride ourselves in our ability to minimize or eliminate interruptions to our customers' business, recognizing that a truly successful project depends on maintaining the health of their daily operations. That is why we put as much effort into managing the process as we put into perfecting the product. We go the extra mile to provide a total solution, accepting accountability and delivering responsive service, every step of the way.

Heavy Civil Construction

At General Construction Company, we thrive on accomplishing technical and difficult projects in challenging locations. We use our experience and skills to develop innovative engineering solutions.

"Structures that last are built on strong foundations." For General Construction, that is not just an engineering principle, it is our business philosophy. We take pride in everything we build and when it comes to building trust, we start from the ground up.

The relationships we have built with our customers are our strongest foundation.